Saturday, January 23, 2016

                                           Reloading .25 Rimfire

With the success of my other blogs reloading 32/38/41 rimfire and many requests i decided to do a blog 
for .25 rimfire reloading.

I had someone send me the following email. (thanks pat)
 I don't own a .25 rimfire, but after comparing the dimensions online, I believe it should be possible to produce an acceptable .25 Stevens round from the new .17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM). If you cut off the neck and dumped the powder, you could replace it with black or Pyrodex. Not sure what to use as a bullet. But I suspect something could be found.

This sounds like a great idea so will try this first 

I don't have any yet but after a internet search the .17 wsm round has a diameter of .269 and length of .962 to just below the tapered top of the case where it would need to be cut off.
the .25 Stevens long has a diameter of .277 with a length of 1.12 
and the short is.276  and .599 in length


I will try .25 acp brass with a blank 
.25 acp brass is .276 and a length of .62


  1. Hunting through the net and saw your nice response to my theory on the .25 Stevens. I believe I read somewhere that a guy on one of the shooting forums had tested a cut down 17 WSM in his old Stevens. He said the primer popped OK. The rim dimensions of the WSM are .333, same as the .25 Stevens and the .27 Hilti. I think this would be a lot less work than drilling the .25 ACP. I bought a special tool and am working on producing some good, reliable .32 Short rimfire. Even converted a Clerke First Saturday Night Special to test fire my homemade rounds. Unfortunately the base material I'm working with is just about as scarce as original .32 rimfire, so it is not likely to be a long-term project, but it does give me something odd to play with. I would like to hear how your .25 Stevens project works out. Pat

  2. Just turned this up in a Google search: Looks like someone else got the same idea. Might as well reveal my secret on .32 rimfire. Starting around 1946 Remington manufactured a concrete nailing device powered by .32 caliber rimfire blanks. I found a large supply online, but now they seem to be all gone. Pull the wad, dump the powder, trim to same length as .32 Short Colt. Load with black powder, heeled bullet from Jack Harrison in Wisconsin. See Gunbroker listing. Bullet is sealed to brass using primer sealant. Shot in S&W Number 2 Army and old "Protector" spur trigger. If you can find these stud driver cartridges, it's a lot easier than drilling .32 Short Colt, which appears to have been discontinued.

  3. Got some .25 ACP lead bullets from GAG Custom Cartridge. Poor quality, which seems to be the norm for this company. Cut a few .17 WSM with a saw, then trimmed to a uniform length on a Forester case trimmer. Had to turn a heel onto the bullet with a sander. Glued into case with primer sealant. Nothing to test them in, but appear viable as loaded with black powder. Laborious, but I haven't invested in any tooling yet. With a faster bullet puller and a power saw the whole project might go quicker. Anyone know of a source of approximately 50 grain heeled lead bullets in 25 ACP? Or a simple way to turn a heel onto a jacketed bullet? If someone had a .35 Stevens and the desire to shoot it regularly, I think this idea has merit.